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Founders Letter August 2018


Dear RoH friends
We wanted to write to you all with some news which we feel is important for you to hear directly from us both.
20 years ago I (Sarah) was told that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to have children. Since marrying Andy, we have been hoping, longing, and trying to conceive for 12 years.
After all these years, and with a little bit of help from modern science, we are full of awe, wonder, and a touch of shock, that we are in the early months of a pregnancy.
We know all too well how this news may potentially affect so many of you, whether you know us already from previous RoH events or whether you are finding us and this website for the first time.
We know that much as your loving and kind hearts will no doubt do their best to celebrate with us, we are acutely aware that however gently we offer this news, and despite the best of intentions and humblest of hearts, it will almost inevitably cause sorrow and pain for some of you.
Because of this, we feel very reluctant to even write this letter, but our greatest desire is that you would hear it from us directly rather than on the grapevine via any of our wider family and friends.
We want to express our heartfelt love and prayers for each of you at this time, knowing the pain we have experienced on so many occasions over the years when our friends, and others known to us have shared their news. We want to be the last people in this world to ever cause any of you anything but hope, healing and encouragement. We never want to wound.
We will continue to pray that God withholds no good thing from each of you. Over the years as we’ve heard the stories of those who have attended RoH events, we’ve learnt to ask God that not one couple would ever “need” to return – strange as that may sound, but that either through physical healing, miracles of science, miracles of fostering or adoption, or miracles of being able to draw a line in the sand and move forward in a future as a couple without children, couples will one by one be free from heartbreak, and this continues to be our utmost prayer.
Andy and I have given a lot of thought and prayer about the year ahead, and the RoH in 2019, and we have decided to postpone it for one year, and resume in January 2020. Our primary reason for this is that if all goes well, my due date is the weekend we were planning to hold the 2019 event, and we don’t feel it right to bring the event forward and lead it whilst pregnant, as we’ve always been very deliberate in ensuring no one attending or on team for the RoH is visibly pregnant, out of the deepest respect for our guests and with the desire to ensure that nothing distracts or detracts from the heart of the day.
We pray that this news (in time) only encourages and does not cause pain.
We send our fondest love and affection from us and our team, and remain available if you should need us. We always love to hear from you.

We will be planning, praying and dreaming for 2020 over the next year, so the event is an extra special one not to be missed.
Our ongoing prayers over each of you, thank you for visiting the website today.
Andy and Sarah Lang xx

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