Saturday 11th January 2020The Harnhill Centre, Cirencester

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Founded by Andy and Sarah Lang the day is aimed at couples who are facing infertility for a physical or medical reason, rather than those who have tragically lost children through bereavement, have chosen to foster or adopt, or remain childless out of choice.

The vision for the day is that you come and be encouraged to journey well, regardless of the outcome. Our hope and prayer is that you will feel able to come as you are, in whatever state that is, and to hear from God as a couple. Our greatest desire is that this day, at the start of a new year, will give you opportunity to retreat and get away as a couple, to be looked after a little, loved, prayed-for, understood, informed and refreshed.

Obviously these are incredibly sensitive topics, so please be assured that the day will be discrete, private and confidential. The hope is, that there will be something helpful and encouraging for everyone, and a reassurance you are certainly not alone.

More information about the founders, Andy & Sarah Lang and Rhythm of Hope

Day Timings
Registration and Coffee 8:45am
First Session 9:30am
Finishing - TBC 9:30pm

Please contact the Harnhill Centre directly to enquire about room availability.

Main Speakers and Worship Team
Please watch this space as we will be confirming more guest speakers around summer 2019.

"Sofa Couples" Session

Will give you chance to hear stories and testimonies from pretty much every angle of infertility. This session will explore the various options given to couples, such as adoption, IVF, egg and sperm donation, embryo adoption, and will touch upon miscarriage. We can hear first hand what some of these families have prayerfully chosen as their resolution in building a family (with and without children) and how they got there/how it feels now, and we will be able to reflect on how their decisions may help us.

Prayer on the Day

Whilst this is not intended to be a physical healing day (although we of course hope and believe that God will come and do what only He can do), we have a hand-picked team who would love to pray for you as a couple, to talk with you, and listen to The Lord with you.


The venue we have chosen in The Cotswolds is beautiful, as is the surrounding area. You are welcome to come for the day, or why not consider making a weekend of it. Cirencester is lovely, with many great places to stay, and the retreat centre also has rooms available. Also consider bringing winter-woolies/wellies and go for a walk to digest the content of the day and have time alone or as a couple...there will be breaks throughout the day to do this, or to sip a hot drink and eat cake!


"The Rhythm of Hope Retreat was such a thoughtful and empowering day, delivered so sensitively and gave us the support, encouragement, love and spiritual nourishment that we so desperately needed. We will never forget leaving with a new sense of hope that whatever the future was (and is) to bring, life, love and faith will all be stronger for attending. For this we are forever grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the impact you have made on our lives. Since attending Rhythm of Hope we have had the confidence to share our infertility journey with those around us, to draw from their support and been able to direct others facing similar issues to resources we never would have found alone. Thank you to the Rhythm of Hope team for the valuable ministry you give with such open hearts and a clear sense of God's presences and love for us all."

"The Rhythm of Hope retreat day for us was so uplifting. To be honest, before booking up I had been worried I would come away feeling worst after being there! However the presence of God was so strong with us all in the midst of our pain, it was a very precious day for us. Big thanks also to Andy, Sarah and team for truly thinking of every tiny detail to make us feel so safe and loved."

“Every aspect of the day was brilliant. Each session and speaker absolutely smashed it and we appreciated hearing the different stories from the sofa couples. We left feeling overwhelmed by Gods love and goodness, we haven't felt that at peace nor have our hearts been that full for a long time. We left buzzing!”

“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the day. I never thought I would actually enjoy it, but we came away uplifted... even if our dream doesn't come true, we feel better prepared to face the future, we feel stronger together, we feel less alone”

“It's felt really freeing to have had that time out to focus on things. In past years, I have found January a bit tough as we face the possibility of another year stretching before us without a child, so to start the year off in this way has been really refreshing.”

“We can honestly say that the day has fed us soo well: we’ve been thinking back to it and feasting upon the hope, comfort, wisdom and practicalities that it gave us in gluttonous quantities since then. What a day it was, from the very first words uttered to the last prayers prayed, you fed us, cared for us and loved us.”

“Each speaker was perfectly chosen and hearing their stories was so moving. My husband brought about fifty hankies with him, anticipating floods of tears from me. We didn't cry as much as we thought we would - thank you for making it a generally positive day!”

“The sofa couples session was incredible - and possibly the most helpful part, due to the range of stories shared. It certainly opened our mind to options we haven't even considered”

Sarah’s Story

Listen to Lucinda Van Der Hart interview Sarah Lang on Premier Christian Radio's Woman to Woman program

Sarah Lang shares an honest account of why journeying with infertility for 10 years can make Christmas a challenging time of year as we anticipate the birth of Jesus.

Founders Letter August 2018

A personal letter from the founders as below August 2018:

Dear RoH friends
We wanted to write to you all with some news which we feel is important for you to hear directly from us both.

20 years ago I (Sarah) was told that it was highly unlikely that I would be able to have children. Since marrying Andy, we have been hoping, longing, and trying to conceive for 12 years.

After all these years, and with a little bit of help from modern science, we are full of awe, wonder, and a touch of shock, that we are in the early months of a pregnancy.
We know all too well how this news may potentially affect so many of you, whether you know us already from previous RoH events or whether you are finding us and this website for the first time.

We know that much as your loving and kind hearts will no doubt do their best to celebrate with us, we are acutely aware that however gently we offer this news, and despite the best of intentions and humblest of hearts, it will almost inevitably cause sorrow and pain for some of you.

Because of this, we feel very reluctant to even write this letter, but our greatest desire is that you would hear it from us directly rather than on the grapevine via any of our wider family and friends.

We want to express our heartfelt love and prayers for each of you at this time, knowing the pain we have experienced on so many occasions over the years when our friends, and others known to us have shared their news. We want to be the last people in this world to ever cause any of you anything but hope, healing and encouragement. We never want to wound.

We will continue to pray that God withholds no good thing from each of you. Over the years as we’ve heard the stories of those who have attended RoH events, we’ve learnt to ask God that not one couple would ever “need” to return – strange as that may sound, but that either through physical healing, miracles of science, miracles of fostering or adoption, or miracles of being able to draw a line in the sand and move forward in a future as a couple without children, couples will one by one be free from heartbreak, and this continues to be our utmost prayer.

Andy and I have given a lot of thought and prayer about the year ahead, and the RoH in 2019, and we have decided to postpone it for one year, and resume in January 2020. Our primary reason for this is that if all goes well, my due date is the weekend we were planning to hold the 2019 event, and we don’t feel it right to bring the event forward and lead it whilst pregnant, as we’ve always been very deliberate in ensuring no one attending or on team for the RoH is visibly pregnant, out of the deepest respect for our guests and with the desire to ensure that nothing distracts or detracts from the heart of the day.
We pray that this news (in time) only encourages and does not cause pain.

We send our fondest love and affection from us and our team, and remain available if you should need us. We always love to hear from you.

We will be planning, praying and dreaming for 2020 over the next year, so the event is an extra special one not to be missed.

Our ongoing prayers over each of you, thank you for visiting the website today.

Andy and Sarah Lang xx


We’ve been privileged to be part of Rhythm of Hope from the very beginning. From the venue to the food, the conversation to the sessions, the day is designed by and for couples experiencing infertility. It is a safe space that meets you where you’re at, whether you have questions and want to talk to people with similar stories or simply listen and receive, there is no expectation placed on you. The sessions are thoughtfully designed and delivered, presenting a real faith that wrestles with the reality of infertility and the impact it has on many aspects of life. Rhythm of Hope is unique. It is an honest, practical and deeply encouraging day to be a part of, offering that much needed space for you as a couple to reconnect and be reminded you are not alone.

Saltwater and Honey
Collection of Voices sharing their stories about infertility - Visit Website
Rob Parsons, OBE

The Rhythm of Hope is the only retreat day of its kind, set in the most beautiful of venues. Small enough to be intimate but big enough not to be exposing – you’ll receive unique teaching on topics including ethics, theology, broken dreams, unanswered prayer, and nurturing marriage during tough times. You'll hear personal accounts of a wide range of fertility treatments and options, exploring how others have come to the decisions they have in building a family, or in deciding to stop trying & build a future without children – all of this will help to strengthen marriages as well as individuals. A must for any couple navigating the journey of infertility.

Rob Parsons, OBE
Founder & Chairman - Care for the Family
Rachel Gardner

For years I carried my infertility around with me like a silent, repetitive & invisible grief. I knew God never left me but I found it hard to equate what I knew of his goodness with my own growing despair that he didn't care. More than the comfort of being among others who share your journey, I think this gathering will remind you that God hasn't forgotten you. That you're still in his hands and in his plan. I know how much love and thought has gone into this weekend- you will be in safe hands.

Rachel Gardner
Co-Founder - Romance Academy
Rachel and Gordon Hickson

We highly recommend Andy and Sarah Lang: we have known them both for many years and watched their journey with all its highs and lows. They are pure gold - people of faith and integrity who have always kept their heart pure and believing through the ups and downs of family planning. As they live through the heartache of being unable to have children, they can provide a safe space for others who are battling through similar situations.

Rachel and Gordon Hickson
Founder - Heartcry for Change
Co-Founder - Mahabba Network
Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing

Infertility can be a crushing experience for any couple. This retreat provides couples with an opportunity to have space and time in a loving, confidential and safe environment to process, pray and receive from God. We recommend this retreat as trustworthy and honoring both to the Lord himself and to the genuine struggle many Christian couples experience in trying to have a baby.

Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing
Rector - Latimer Minster
EMEA Region Director - RZIM
Simon Ponsonby

St Paul wrote that we comfort others with the comfort we have received. Andy and Sarah Lang have walked with God through the darkness and pain of not having children. The lessons the Lord has taught them, and the grace and tenderness they have received they now share in this much needed ministry.

Simon Ponsonby
Bible Teacher & Author - St Aldates Oxford

The Venue


The Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing

Harnhill Manor
United Kingdom

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Harnhill Manor
United Kingdom

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From Swindon and M4

Leave M4 at Junction 15, travel towards Cirencester on A419 and leave it it at the junction signed "A419 to Stroud and South Cotswolds". After the roundabout at the top of the slip road, go towards Cirencester and after about ¼ mile, turn right into a small lane signposted Harnhill. Continue over the by-pass for about a mile. DO NOT turn right into the village but drive straight on over the crossroads and then take the SECOND entrance on the right by the finger posts and go down the drive to the Harnhill car park.

From Cheltenham, Gloucester and M5

Leave M5 at Junction 12 (A40) and follow signs for Gloucester. At second roundabout, take 1st exit (A417 towards Cirencester). Go up Crickley Hill to the Air Balloon pub and turn right, continuing up the hill. Follow this road (A417) for about 10 miles until junction signposted Cirencester, Stroud, A429 and A419. At the top of the slip road, go past the exit for the services then take the next exit and proceed about 100 metres to the traffic lights where you turn right. You will pass a small garage on left on this road. At the T-junction of A417, turn left for Fairford and Lechlade. After about two miles enter Ampney Crucis then just before the Crown of Crucis Inn turn right towards Harnhill. At the T-junction turn left and then take the SECOND entrance on the right by the finger posts. Go down the drive to the Harnhill car park.

A Retreat Day for Couples Facing Infertility